centurion-k9 ltd security services

Security dog services


Centurion-K9 have expert dog handlers and trained guard dogs ready to be dispatched. A professional skilled duo providing an impeccable deterrent.

Mobile Patrols


With the capability to move around and monitor different areas providing services such as internal and external patrols. Centurion-K9's mobile patrol units can deliver security that goes beyond a fixed location.

CCTV/Alarm systems


Keep a watch out for suspicious and unwanted activity with the latest CCTV and alarm systems.

Building sites and Farms


Many building sites and farms have expensive machinery and materials on site. Meaning they can often suffer break ins. Centurion-K9's guards are there to keep your site secure.

Static manned guarding


 Centurion-K9's guards will patrol and secure the area, keeping employees safe as well as your property. While evaluating any health and safety risks. 

Repossession properties/Residential


Centurion-K9's guards will secure empty properties stopping vandalism, trespassing and theft. 

Centurion-K9's guard will patrol your property offering you peace of mind and protection.